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MPO Patchcord

The MPO patchcord provides quick connection specifically for multifiber cable, up to 24 fibers.  The MPO connectors are designed for termination of ribbon fiber or loose individual fibers. Connection integrity is provided by the spring action side latch housing and alignment is achieved with high precision guide pins. The housing is colored-coded to differentiate single mode and multimode.

MPO/MTP patch cords are supplied as standard with female connectors and a Type B polarity. This configuration is essential when connecting to male (pinned) transceivers not only from a gender perspective but also a transmit/receive functionality stand-point.

Available MPO trunk cables or fan-out from MPO to single fiber connectors LC, E2000/APC, SC, etc.



  • Fiber-count 8, 12 and 24 fibers
  • High-speed application support
  • Single mode (APC) and Multimode applications OM3/OM4/OM5
  • Low Insertion loss & Reflection – ELITE version
  • Push-on / Pull-off latching connector
  • Trunk cable or fan-out to single fiber connectors
  • IEC61754-7, TIA/EIA 604-5, ANSI/TIA/EIA-604-5-199



  • Telecommunication Networks, Data Communication Networks
  • Equipment / Switch Interconnections 40G and 100G IEEE 802.3
  • Interconnections for parallel optical transmitters and receivers
  • QSFP, CXP, CFP, PSM4 standards


Parameters Unit Specifications
Insertion loss (Elite) multimode dB 0.2 typ, 0.35 max
Insertion loss (Elite) singlemode dB 0.2 typ, 0.35 max
Optical return loss ORL multimode dB ≥ 20
Optical return loss ORL singlemode (angled APC) dB ≥ 60
Operating Temperature °C -10 to +60
Durability multimode dB < 0.2 dB change (per EIA-455-21A)

500 remates

Durability singlemode APC dB < 0.3 dB change (per EIA-455-21A)

500 remates

Connector color multimode OM3/OM4 Aqua
Connector color singlemode APC Yellow
Min. bend-radius 10 x cable diameter



Ordering code MPO patchcord


MPO patchcord Accessories

MPO Adapter – Coupling
  COUP-MPO-MPO-A MPO Adapter, type A (KeyUp/KeyDown)
COUP-MPO-MPO-B MPO Adapter, type B (KeyUp/KeyUp)
COUP-MPO-MPO-A-NOFLG MPO Adapter, type A (KeyUp/KeyDown)

without flange

COUP-MPO-MPO-B-NOFLG MPO Adapter, type B (KeyUp/KeyUp)

without flange

Cleaning accessories
  CLE-MPO MPO/MTP Pen Cleaner, for female and male connectors, with adapter, 600+ cleanings
ATC-RE-03 OPTIPOP MPO/MTP Cassette Cleaner,  for female and male connectors, 1slot, 400+ cleanings
ATC-RS-01 OPTIPOP Cleaner Spare Reel set (6 reels)