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LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connector – Patchcord

A LC Push-Pull Uniboot connector with a Push-Pull tab can be used in a high density environment. Comparing to the conventional duplex connector, the design is more compact, as well as just one cable was used, which help to improve the hot air flow in a high density and a crowed datacenter environment.


  • LC duplex connector
  • Only one small round cable with two fibers
  • Push-Pull Tab for easy handling
  • High Density datacenter applications
  • Easy Polarity Revisable
  • Avoid cable twine together
  • Single mode UPC and APC versions
  • Multimode OM3/OM4/OM5 versions
  • Low Insertion loss & Reflection
  • IEC 61754-20 and GR-326-core complaint
  • RoHS/REACH and UL94-V0 complaint



  • Telecommunication Networks, Data Communication Networks
  • Equipment / Switch Interconnections
  • Optical communications equipment


Parameters Unit Specifications
Insertion loss multimode dB ≤ 0.35
Insertion loss singlemode dB ≤ 0.35
Optical return loss ORL multimode dB ≥ 30
Optical return loss ORL singlemode dB ≥ 50 (UPC), ≥ 60 (APC)
Operating Temperature °C -40 to +80
Durability dB < 0.3 dB change 500 remates


Ordering code LC Push-Pull patch


LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connector Accessories

LC Adapter – Coupling
  LCDPXBLUE Coupling LC/PC-LC/PC, SM, duplex, ceramic, do SC díry
LCDPXAQUA Coupling LC/PC-LC/PC, MM, duplex, metal, do SC díry, aqua
LCAPCUDGREEN Coupling LC/APC-LC/APC, SM, duplex, ceramic, do SC díry
LCQUADBLUE-W Coupling LC/PC-LC/PC, SM, Quad, 2x duplex, do SC duplex díry, modrý
LCQUADAQUA-W Coupling LC/PC-LC/PC, MM, Quad, 2x duplex, do SC duplex díry, aqua
LCQUADGREEN-W Coupling LC/APC-LC/APC, SM, Quad, 2x duplex, do SC duplex díry do SC duplex díry
LC-LC-SM-DX-BLU Coupling LC/PC-LVC/PC, SM, duplex, ceramic, Blue, internal shutter, no flange
LC-LC-MM-DX-AQUA Coupling LC/PC -LC/PC, MM, duplex, ceramic, Aqua, internal shutter, no flange
Cleaning accessories
  CLEANER-H125 LC Pen Cleaner, for female and male LC, MU connectors, with adapter, 525+ cleanings