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                                                       “Welding of optical fibers and mechanical optical couplers


 For whom the training is intended:

Training for “Welding of Fiber Optic and Mechanical Optical Connectors” is designed for light-duty installation workers, telecommunication companies, Internet connectivity providers, designers, network administrators, students, and all those who want to learn how to connect fiber optic welding mechanical optical couplings.


What you will learn:

The participants will learn about the principles of fiber optic joining and in the practical part they will try to weld fiber optics and to connect fibers through optical mechanical couplings.


Basic assumptions:

We expect basic knowledge and insight into fiber optics for participants.

Training program

  • Overview of optical fibers.
  • Principles of Fiber Linking.
  • Welding of optical fibers.
  • Mechanical optical connectors.
  • NPC connectors.
  • Principles of fiber optic storage in switchboards.
  • Practical exercise – fiber optic welding.
  • Practical exercise – Fibrook fiber optic mechanical couplings.


Organizational information:

Scope of training – 1 day from 9:30 to 15:00 in the training room at RLC Praha as – Popovičky headquarters. Each graduate will receive a certificate of completion of the course.

Training fee

The training fee is 2400 CZK without VAT for one participant.

Refreshments are included in the price of the training.

Applications for training and requesting additional information can be sent to e-mail address or by phone +420 721 554 444.