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Optical components

The basic building block of optical networks is optical fiber. RLC Praha as can offer more than 20 years of tradition of working with optical fibers and their connectors. We handle everything from the production of pigtails and patchcords to pre-coupled routes or the production of complex xWDM solutions, including EDFA amplifiers.
The portfolio of our production is complemented by a range of selected optical products, from renowned brands worldwide, to well-proven suppliers who offer economically viable solutions. At RLC Praha as we are ready to provide the highest level of customer support, technical and pre-sales consultations, including training. We believe that we will become a stable partner and supplier of optical network implementation and management projects.

Transceivers Guide – Transceivers and Technology

For Data Centers –  CWDM CrossConnect

  • Optical Cables – CentralLosetube cables with LSOH and PE jacket, self-supporting and DROP cables, dry minibreakout cables, armored cables, RISER cables, FTTx micro-cables
  • Custom made pigtails, patchcords, pre-coupled paths, condition and POF patchcords, precurred routes, industrial and military coils – production from branded components AMP / Tyco, Seikoh Giken, Reichle &
  • Fully equipped optical cabinets, high density HDF cabinets, LGX boxes, DIN cabinets, wall cabinets, accessories for fiber optic cabinets – adapters, cassettes, nails, welding protection
  • 3M Company Assortment – BPEO, PBO, FTTH Box PTO, NPC and HotMelt Connectors with EPOXY / HotMelt with RLC, Mechanical Fibrlock Connectors
  • Devices for measurement, identification and validation of optical networks – powermeter, laser source, VFL, reflector OTDROtic welders and shavers – Sumitomo, FITEL
  • Optical and Cleaning Tools – Fiber and Cable Stripping Pliers, Inspection Microscopes, Isopropyl Alcohol, One-Click Cleaners for Optical Connectors
  • Transceivers SFP, GBIC, SFF, CSFP, SFP +, XENPAK, XFP, X2, CFP, QSFP + – Fastethernet to 100G Ethernet OEM modules compatibility with manufacturers of active components JUNIPER, ENTERASYS, 3COM, HP, EXTREME, ALLIED TELESYN, SMC, ZYXEL, BROCADE, DLINK, HUAWEI, FOUNDRY
  • Active components OMNITRON – mediaconverters, 3R repeaters, audio and HD-SDI converters to fiber, DVI, VGA and HDMI to fiber