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Objectives • Vision • Mission


The goal of RLC Praha as is open communication with customers and suppliers. In this fair and honest way, you can get satisfied customers and interesting projects. According to our corporate values, decency and profitability are the key to future success.
Vision of RLC Praha as
We will become a significant, stable and prosperous company in the field of advanced communication systems based on fiber optics technology, in full extent:

  • Manufacture and sale of own products.
  • Sale of components and modules with added value.
  • Projection of optical paths.
  • Realization, service and services in the field of optical paths.

The mission of RLC Praha as
is to maintain effective communication, which mainly leads to saving time for the customer. This is mainly based on:

  • using a communication method that suits the customer,
  • providing high level professional advice,
  • rapid processing of projects and requirements,
  • immediate connection with own production and implementation team,
  • immediate implementation of customer solutions,
  • immediate expeditions.


Our added value to the customer: advise, answer, design, manufacture, deliver = solve customer problem, simplify processes. We want to find and design a solution that eliminates the problem, we do not just want to offer partial products.
What we offer: Total solutions through a team of our own production, guaranteeing extraordinary speed, ability to produce and deliver not only in a very short space of time, but also to offer superior customer service.
Business Strategy of RLC Praha as
Our strategy is to improve the efficiency of production and the efficiency of the sale of all assortment. Achieve the position of a major player on the market, through qualified staff.
Business Strategy of RLC Praha as
Our business strategy is contact with the customer. Providing information and technical support at the beginning of the project. Set the culture of our company.
Motto of RLC Praha as :

“The shortest, most reliable route to the destination.”