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WDM systems

For fiber-optic data transfer applications where the transmission capacity needs to be increased, the so-called wavelength principle can advantageously be used. Wavelenght Division Multiplexing (Wavelenght Division Multiplexing) with one fiber transmits in parallel more independent signals of different wavelengths and velocities.

For these xWDM systems, RLC Praha offers a number of separate components. We can not only design these systems optimally according to specific customer requirements, but also ensure their installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

For the implementation of WDM and CWDM systems we offer separate components such as:


WDM fiber filters and tapes

For dividing two wavelengths or whole optical fiber bands, we deliver individual WDM filters in different designs according to customer requirements.

Optical circulators and splitters

In order to divide the directions of transmission and reception of optical signals on a single fiber, it is advantageous to use optical circulators or splitters, which are delivered as required.

CWDM Multiplexers and Demultiplexers

In addition to the standard one- and double-threaded solutions for 8 or 18 CWDM (Coarse Wavelenght Division Multiplexing) with possible combination of bandwidth WDM filters, CWDM Add / Drop Multiplexers can be delivered with the required configuration.

Open DWDM system

The Open DWDM system is based on the principle of openness and neutrality, where different products and components can be combined from different vendors and suppliers, yet a complete functional unit is created.


DWDM Multi / Demultiplexers

Optical DWDM Add / Drop OADM Multiplexers

R / B band filters for single-threaded applications

EDFA Optical Amplifiers

Modules for chromatic dispersion compensation

Adjustable attenuators

Fixed attenuators


Optical transceivers WDM, CWDM and DWDM

We offer a complete range of WDM, CWDM, and DWDM optical transceivers for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gbit Ethernet, FiberChannel, and so on.

Active media converters and transponders

For converting and amplifying signals in xWDM networks, it is possible to use reliable media converters from American company Omnitron Systems.
Complete solution of xWDM systems based on the facilities of the Swedish company Transmode Systems AB
For demanding applications and large optical networks, it is advisable to use a complete solution based on the Transmode Systems AB system. We can design and deliver these comprehensive solutions for CWDM and DWDM networks exactly to the needs of our customers.
If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us with any of your requirements.