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Pro industrial applications, RLC Praha as supplies a wide range of fiber optic products. The use of optical fibers in a challenging industrial environment is particularly advantageous. Optical fibers are insensitive to external electromagnetic fields, disturbances and ground potential differences. Optical cables generally have a higher resistance than metallic cables with higher signal speeds and longer distances.

Optical connectors for industrial applications and industrial Ethernet

In addition to standard ST, LC, SC, FC, and other optical connectors, we supply fiber optic connectors with IP54 to IP68 optical connectors such as ODT connectors or Harting PushPull, Harting Han 3A or Harting Han Modular connectors.

Optical Fiber Routes

Optical pre-coupled paths ending with optical connectors are delivered according to customer specifications. In the case of the so-called military cable and coil winding, these routes can also be used as optical elongators.

Plastic optical fibers and POF cables

For industrial applications at shorter distances, plastic POF or HCS optical fibers can be terminated with ST, SMA, Toslink or HFBR optical connectors.

Optical switchboards for industrial and outdoor environments

In our offer you can find a wide range of boxes, cabinets and cabinets for fiber optic finishes in various designs for indoor and outdoor environments.

Earth optical connectors and accessories

Multiple fiber optic cable connectors are used to create splitting and multiple fiber optic connections. These clutches include cassettes and welding brackets, reserve compartments and waterproof bushings. Earth-to-ground optical clutches are stored in cable chambers, columns and cable trays, or buried directly into the ground.

Active converters and optical fiber elements

In order to convert and amplify optical signals and convert them to metallic conductors, it is preferable to use reliable media converters from Omnitron Systems.