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Local networks

Sítě LANs (Local Area Networks) are small-scale computerized local networks that are typically built within one corporate premises or group of buildings, also in schools and other government institutions. LANs are built from active and passive elements. Active elements are involved in communication and data transmission, such as switch, router, or network card. The passive part of the LAN is built according to the standards and principles of universal structured cabling.

Our company is aware of the fact that sometimes there is a need for professional intervention, whether to find mistakes or simply to develop a new project to replace the old one. That’s why our implementation team offers services that help you to seamlessly do business, share data, or just live.

RLC Praha and its implementation team offer clients a wide range of quality services in the area of ​​local LANs:

  • Development of projects according to client’s wishes,
  • Tender documentation in 3 stages to the selection of the broker,
  • Assessment of old projects and subsequent consultation,
  • Service supervision 24/7/365,
  • Network repairs or network fault localization,
  • Also offers IHCTI security and fire protection systems, Pomat.

Our implementation team is fully certified partner of these high quality cable systems:

  • 3M,
  • Panduit,
  • Optronics,
  • Solarix,
  • Reichle & De-Massari.

It is also worth mentioning their more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of successfully completed orders.