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RLC Praha a.s.


You just came to RLC Praha as

We deal with optical fibers and everything related to fiber optics, data transmission and 
telecommunication applications, public and local networks.

  • Do you need to transfer information over longer distances and higher speeds?
  • Do you create or upgrade a computer network?
  • Are you interested in new technical solutions not only in industry?
  • Do you offer your customers telecommunication services and do you need to improve them?
  • Do you have a problem with interference and crosstalk on a metallic lead?

In that case, you will find here useful information about the products and solutions offered.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information that you lack, we will be happy to propose a solution that suits 
your needs.



We are pleased to announce to all our customers,clients,suppliers and other collaborators, That the company will be closed on 30th April and 7 may 2018 ,due to the use of a corporate holiday



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